Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chemotherapy Flight

The airplane had been boarded. Flight attendants had given all the directions. Seatbelts were fastened. All electronic devices had been turned off. The plane was headed down the runway. All of a sudden the plane grinds to a halt. The passengers sit and wait. And wait. And wait. After 4 hours of sitting, the Captain gets on the intercom and announces that the flight will not be taking off. We have gone nowhere. The plane returns to the gate and we all disembark. We will have to rebook our flights for another time.

This is how I felt on Wednesday. It was my first chemo treatment. After questions, bloodwork, hookup and pre-steroid/benadryl infusion they flipped the valve for the Taxotere (the first of 2 drugs to be infused). The plane was headed down the runway and my throat began to close up a bit. They stopped the plane. Pumped me full of MORE Benadryl and steroids and flipped the valve again. Got flushed. Felt like my chest was being compressed. They stopped the plane and brought me back to the gate. I will have to rebook my flight.

I am feeling good physically this weekend.

I'm not 25% done with my chemo at this point.

What a mixed bag.

Thank you SO much again to all my friends and immediate thanks to those who were with me for my first flight!

Sally....Thanks for the cuddly purple blanket (way better than the regular airplane blankets), the laughs, the hugs and the right words at the right time.
Stacy....Thanks for keeping my toes on ice so my nails wouldn't fall out and for the wonderful support!
Karen....Thanks for the expertise and for holding my hand.
Renate.....Thanks for popping in for a 'Mom Hug'

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suesun said...

toes on ice? Wow!

So, yeah, not only are you NOT flying to Italy, you don't even get to go when you want to! That sucks. I'm so sorry.