Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chemo School

Monday was chemo school. Andre met me there and the sweet nurse Brenda talked nonstop for 3 hours about side effects, drugs, support systems, wigs, nausea as well as other bodily functions, and I don't even remember what else. I think Andre took 8 pages of notes. It was quite overwhelming.

Yesterday I went to see the surgeon (thank you Renate) and the news was good. She removed 2 more CENTIMETERS of margin in my last surgery and there was no evidence of any cancer cells in the removed tissue. Way to get a good chunk of it, Dr. Paulishak-Thank YOU! When she removed this tissue, she really just needed to 'connect the dots' as she went into the same incision as before. It hasn't bothered me at all and there is no swelling, although when she told me how much she removed, it dawned on me that 'hmmmm......maybe there is swelling and it will really shrink up', but that's ok because I am reassured that it is OUTTA THERE! Amazing how perspective changes.

My first day of chemo is today. I will head in to the hospital at 1:30 and sit there for 3-4 hours with a needle connected to my port as it goes on to kill any rapidly dividing cells. Even though my 1/2 dose of Ambien (to help me sleep) only lasted until 4am, I am feeling surprisingly calm. I stayed super busy last night and it kept my mind off of what's to come. I am going to a Kundalini yoga class at the Y at noon. I am really excited for this pre-chemo activity as it should be a wonderful meditative focus and hopefully I can go into the next day's activity with a clear calm mind.

Several friends have volunteered to come visit and for that I am very grateful. You ALL give me strength and it is appreciated more than I can express.

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