Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

September 18th was a big day for me. A year had passed since "the C Bomb" had been dropped and I did the Moab Century Ride. I had planned to do the ride last year but after getting the news, decided I wasn't about to sit in a car for 7 hours one way with CANCER on my mind.

This year was different. I had a year of blur behind me and my first century ride ahead of me. I had heard about this ride and some of its challenges; namely "The Big Nasty" which is a hill that gains 3000 feet in 7 the middle of a 28 mile uphill to the top of a pass. Not that big of a deal. I already dealt with 'The Biggest Nasty' of all last year.

In celebration, I added a purple ribbon to my bike. For some reason, purple has been my color throughout this whole cancer ordeal. I added over 100 names to my purple ribbon....a dedication of each mile I rode to the people who had a part in holding my hand throughout the past year. As I rode....and as I struggled up some of the big hills, I looked at my ribbon and sent heartfelt thanks to those people who helped carry me through cancer.

That ribbon still has a place on my bike...and I thank the angels who have a place on my ribbon for having a part in my year.


Mo said...

Yea Lynn! Way to overcome the Big Nasty Climb, both literally and figuratively. Love, health, and happiness to you always- Mo

Anonymous said...

Good Job Weedhopper!


alyssa said...

this is awesome! you are awesome! what a way to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

hi glad you are doing well. and i am very glad you are happy again. i think about you from time to time. glad i found your blog page. God bless. janine pacheco

Anonymous said...

So happy you accomplished these two big feats in your life! Continue to celebrate daily and especially the year markers. You are an amazing lady- you inspire so many of us. Thank you!