Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Can Smile Again!

A summer after 9 months of blur.
I remember the EXACT moment in a spinning class when I had the tiniest hint of a piece of joy. It was a millisecond of a reminder of that feeling, and I remember feeling choked up and saying to myself, "I want that feeling back!" I truly am feeling some happiness again. There were many times I wondered if it would EVER return.

I still think back on some of my 'cancer anniversaries' and probably will for awhile. I still can get teary. BUT I can SMILE again!


Sally said...

And what a beautiful smile you are.

suesun said...

yes, take advantage of all the smiling moments. and remember how much there is to smile about. xo

Nadine said...

Living in the moment is important to having the joy and smiling....
I'd smile too if I caught a fish that big-congrats! I love to fish, especially in river with waders. If you ever want to go fishing, call me!