Friday, June 5, 2009

Jungles and Canals

I suppose this would be considered an 'unplanned adventure'....although a different type than the one I've been on for the past many months. Last night I sat on the deck of an old radio tower built by the Americans and turned into a hotel. I watched a sloth (with baby attached) climb up a tree, listened to the distant ghostlike groans of howler monkeys, and smiled along with the antics of flitting toucans. False Vampire Bats visit during the night. I look over the treetops in the jungle and watch ships passing through the Panama Canal.


Mo said...

Sure beats radiation, eh?? Sounds very tropical - I am envious! Hey, Andrew is "studying" rainforests this month, so if you can bring back a giant bug carcass or something like that, he'd be the coolest pre-schooler in all of show & tell. Hope your trip is going smooth!

Love, Mo

mjd2026 said...

So, Lynn Sommers, where in the world are you now? I didn't hear about your summer plans... My boys are out of school as of today, with all sorts of ideas for making movies, recording music, building swords. MD

suesun said...

Yeah, where the *$#@ are you? Sounds awesome!!!!!