Monday, January 5, 2009

My Little Secret Revealed

It was my first day back at work today. No students. Just a few teachers in the building. After being sucked into the blackhole of grouping my students for a field trip taking place in three weeks, I took a short break and walked to the copy machine. I was halfway to the lounge when it dawned on me.....CANCER HADN'T CROSSED MY MIND FOR AN ENTIRE WAKING HOUR!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO excited and broke my wonderful news to the first teacher friend I saw (at the copy machine of course, since that is where much of teacher socializing takes place).

Winter break is every teacher's DREAM (next to summer vacation and spring break)! Despite having many chats with myself and trying to talk myself into the wonderfulness of winter break, I hesitantly admit that it has been difficult for me.
Every day (except weekends and the 2 holidays) began with a radiation treatment.
There it is.
First thing in the morning.
In my face.
Then what? Go for a hike? Go for lunch? Go to the YMCA?
True. The day can only improve after starting with treatment, but it was sometimes difficult to pull myself out of that big dark radiation cloud.

As my teacher friends hunch over, expel a little groan and say, "I'm not ready to go back", I have secretly been thinking, "I'm kind of excited to go back." I'll still have cancer in my face every morning (for 14 more days), but I will then have a destination. A distraction. Seventh grade minds to mold.
There you have it. I fessed up. Hopefully the teachers I see at the copy machine tomorrow won't roll their eyes at me.
However, I must admit, I will probably be ready for summer vacation when the time rolls around.


Mo said...

That is positive indeed! I look forward to hearing when you didn't think about it for a whole day too! Well, if you need a pick-me-up, I think I found it. I stopped by the Smoothie King after swimming at the Y. They have a mangosteen smoothie that is TO DIE FOR. Thought of you as I sucked it down. ;-)

suesun said...

I've been searching for the perfect smoothie for weeks.... where, oh where, is this "Smoothie King"? Downtown somewhere, I imagine?

Dare I say it, Lynn, but..... toldjaso. :-)

Mo said...

Smoothie king is north in the king soopers shopping center off of Briargate. Definitely worth the trip, or at least sending the husband for one!

Bennae said...

Love, love, and more love. Purple love. I catch up on your marvelous progress every once in awhile and don't know what to say. I think of you often and have a bookmark for you on a table in my new house. I look at eyebrows, too, because mine went away a few years ago, and I wonder why you notice them. I still don't quite know what to say, so love, love and still more love. Purple love.