Monday, March 2, 2009

Catching the Next Train

I was dropped off the 'radiation train' about a month ago and will be catching the 'hormone therapy' train tomorrow. This train will take me on the next 'ride' that will last 5 years. This daily pill blocks any estrogen that may want to catch a ride in my cells and grow more cancer.

With that being said, I reflect on the the memorable trains I've ridden in my life.

*The train rides in India. Dusty, crowded, lock your bags to the rail so you have it if you just happen to snooze for a few minutes. Men ask "Where is your husband?" and I answer, "I am meeting him in the next town." Eunuchs enter demanding money. The best people watching in the world. The biggest employer in India!

*A train ride to Zaire that didn't happen....luckily... as the train I wanted to take derailed.

*Speedy European trains that leave exactly on time.

*Hopping the freight train from Minneapolis to Glacier National Park. 18 hours of bread and raisins.

*Trains in Thailand that serve some of the spiciest food I've had. Tasted like chicken, yet I'll never know.

*Vietnamese trains. I could ride my bike faster than these! Again, the food tasted like chicken.......

*The train that runs through the Copper Canyon in Mexico....what a feat of engineering!

As I prepare to hear that lonesome whistle blow, I also look forward to the day I wave goodbye to the man waving to me from the caboose....cancer-free, of course!


Nadine said...

Don't forget there are many of us on that train with you.

This train is bound for glory, this train....Woodie Guthrie

This train - mm - mm - mm;
This train is bound to glory - this train; Bob Marley

Keep that scene of you waving goodbye to the conductor!

suesun said...

and, of course, "The Little Engine that Could."

you hopped a freight train!? I still dream of having the guts to do that someday. Someday.......

Peggy Lee said...

hey there! still thinking about you! I think I've heard that story about the ride to Glacier...

Maria said...

What a wonderful idea for a blog..train stories.