Saturday, December 6, 2008

grEy? Or is it grAy?

Grey-A balance of black and white representing magnitudes of good and bad.

The color of an approaching storm.
Mourning doves with their ghostlike "coo".
Pigeons flocked in the park-strutting for bread then retreating en masse as a toddler stumbles her way into the flock.
Strands of my hair.
The cold steel of building innards.
The mingled trusses of an intricately built bridge.
The grey of granite.....edging on sharp crystals.
The cold hard steel of an operating table in a cold room.
Dolphins that race just ahead of the ship as we ply grey Antarctic waters.....strength, speed and power as they surface and lead the way.
Inlaid mirrors surrounded by sequins, brilliant reds, oranges and yellows in Rajasthani clothing.
My cute house with the maroon trim.
The intermediate risk of the Oncotype test. The "grey" area. The questions doctors can't answer. The "I don't knows." The "Do what your gut tells you." The "Whatever you decide will be the right decision." The "Listen to your heart."

Not black. Not white. Or is it shades of black? Shades of white?

Is silver just a sparkley grey? The lining of a cloud?

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suesun said...

Gray is beautiful, like your post. If we can accept it.

Grey is the British spelling; gray is for us 'mericans. I'm pretty sure, anyhow.